retroactive ret‧ro‧ac‧tive [ˌretrəʊˈæktɪv◂ ǁ -troʊ-] adjective formal LAW
a law or decision that is retroactive is effective from a particular date in the past; = RETROSPECTIVE:
retroactive to

• The company said it will adopt the new accounting method retroactive to Jan. 1.

— retroactively adverb :

• The pension benefits apply retroactively to employees who retired on or after last Dec. 31.

* * *

retroactive UK US /ˌretrəʊˈæktɪv/ adjective LAW
if a law, decision, etc. is retroactive, it has effect from a date in the past before it was approved: »

The changes will not be retroactive.


The Justice Department had opposed the retroactive application of the guidelines.

retroactive to sth »

The proposed pay raises are retroactive to July 1.

See also RETROSPECTIVE(Cf. ↑retrospective)

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